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The Queen’s Dilemma is a competitive narrative legacy game for 3 to 6 players where you take on the role of the noble aristocrats sitting at the Queen’s Council, deciding the fate of the Kingdom of Ankist. Each of the decisions you make over the 30+ hours of the campaign will help change the world forever.

In a game of The Queen’s Dilemma, players face a sequence of unique Dilemma cards, each bearing an important decision for the Council to make. There are always two ways to answer the question posed by the Dilemma card and resolve it. Over tense voting sessions, players will decide which direction to take by investing their Power to push for their desired outcome, exchanging Resources to bribe other players and bring them on their side, and make deals to push their Agenda forward.
Players will have conflicting interests: where one might advocate for progress, the other might favor defending traditions to keep them intact. Depending on the Council’s choice after each vote, the balance between the realm’s various political and moral ideologies will change. At the end of each game (representing a calendar year), players will earn points based on how much the kingdom is akin to their own political and philosophical beliefs. Once a Dilemma card is resolved, it is permanently discarded. Your decisions, though, will often result in the opening of Envelopes that add new Dilemma cards to the deck, unlocking new events that will happen in the future as a consequence of your decisions. Forge your own path through a labyrinth of branching storylines and decide the fate of the kingdom of Ankist!
Your most impactful decisions may even result in the opening of a Mystery Bag, instead of a regular Envelope, allowing you to unlock more than just Dilemma cards: new rules, resources, tokens, stickers, agenda cards, events, and more. Be prepared for some major twists and turns over the course of the campaign!

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