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Project overview

The World at War: Europe is a game covering the Second World War in Europe.
Situation: At the printer, Expected release: mid December

The campaign game covers the whole war in Europe, but other minor scenarios exist to learn the game or play something sorter. The campaign starts with the German invasion of Poland and lasts until one of the two sides wins the war or the last turn is played, whatever happens first. 

The main idea in the game is to be able to play the full campaign in shorter time than other more complex games and to offer a point of view easy to learn and play even to non wargamers players.

Why TWaW:Europe is different from other WWII games?
This game being a wargame do not use cardboard counters for the units. All the ground units are quite simplified with wooden cubes of two sizes. The only cardboard counters present in the game represent aerial units and naval fleets, and also some markers.

This concept, combined with a mapboard defined with areas, makes the game much easier to play and faster to complete. Each turn, the movement is much more simple than in other traditional hex and counter wargames.

The core concept of the game design are the “actions”. Major countries have variable number of actions they will use for important aspects of the game turn such as make major offensives, build units, enhance the country industry or improve the technology. You will need to master your actions use to 

The main objective of this game was to offer a WWII game with no complex rules and easy to learn. This game it is a perfect introductory game for new wargamers or people coming from other boardgames like eurogamers with some interest (or not) on History, but complete and hard to master so those grognards can also enjoy playing it the same way.

In TWaW: Europe each player could play with one of the historical sides (Allied vs Axis) or with three players playing one as the Soviets. It is also a game feasible for solo gaming as no hidden information is present in the game apart from Diplomacy.

There are 5 scenarios:

- 1939: Poland
- 1940: France
- 1941: Barbarossa
- 1944-45: Overlord (short campaign)
- 1939-45: Campaign game

You can access the Kickstarter page to see further content, videos and pictures of the game: