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Project overview


Rapture is an action-packed, beginner-friendly skirmish wargame with symmetric factions and a variety of missions. Fast und exciting matches with a lot of tactical depth and tight outcome!

  • Play quick and intense matches, no need to dedicate a whole day just for one game
  • Set up your battlefield
  • Choose between unique factions, each with their own features and playing style
  • Assemble your battlegroup from different units like Heroes, Bands and Squads
  • Activate your units in alternate order
  • Stay on guard during opponent activation and react with our innovative reaction system
  • Complete your own individual mission
  • Win by victory points, even if your battlegroup has been completely defeated


Rapture is set in the year 2049. After the emergence of a mysterious sphere around Earth and the disappearance of most of the world's population, new factions take control of the remaining world.

The New World Order is forced to step out of its shadowy existence and claims large parts of the western world to consolidate itself as the new world government.

The unknown aliens, known as Angels, fight the remaining humans relentlessly, but their goal is not yet so obvious.

The ancient people of Atlantis come from the depths of the ocean, having found that their old enemy has returned. But this time they are prepared.

Konstantin, an influential oligarch from the time before the turnaround, saw his chance and founded the neutral city of Konstantinopol. Here, representatives of all factions meet to negotiate, make deals or hire mercenaries.

Even though each faction has its own goals or vengeance, each faction also strives for the most important resources: influence, land, and people.

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