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Project overview

In Loot Dispute players are townsfolk who are exploring a dungeon after a group of adventurers has dispatched all of the monsters. Luckily for you, the adventurers left some treasure and equipment behind! Now you just need to find a way to split it all up...

An asymmetric grid of cards featuring different types of loot is laid out. The first player splits the grid along any single straight line between cards, claiming one set of loot cards for themselves.

Each successive player can choose to further divide any pile in play. If another player has laid claim to the pile you choose to split, that player is "kicked off" that pile of loot and will take another turn. If turn order returns to you without you having been kicked off your loot selection, you keep those cards.

Once everyone has collected their loot, and organized it by color, players draft a merchant card, each with different scoring mechanisms. Each merchant is assigned to a color of loot, with their scoring mechanism (represented by gold) only counting towards the loot collected in that color.

Players move to the next room in the dungeon (represented by a new loot card configuration being laid out) and repeat the process of cleverly splitting loot and looking to draft the most useful merchant.

After 5 rooms of loot have been split, players score each color of loot based on the merchant assigned. Most gold wins!

Loot Dispute

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