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Leaf Boxes

Our dedicated, space-saving Leaf Box keeps your table leaves safely and tidily stored away.      

Inset Elevators

Inset Elevator allows you to raise your playing surface for easier accessibility or to store a game beneath the PRO Fabric inset.

Alternative Table Setup

These add-ons will transform your internal vault unlocking new exciting options!

Additional PRO Modular Fabric Inset

PRO Fabric Inset cream of the crop when it comes to the playing surface for your game. In this section, you can get a spare or one in a different colour.

Additional PRO Fabric Inset

Neoprene Game Mat - Vault Size

You can use this game mat, cut to the size of your gaming vault, on top of, underneath, or instead of the PRO Modular Fabric Inset. 

Neoprene Game Mat - Tabletop Size

This variant of the Neoprene game mat is tailored to the external size of your table and can serve as a tablecloth or a nice playing surface.

Regular Acrylic Bin

Regular rectangular acrylic bin for maximum capacity in a compact form. 

Sloped Acrylic Bin

The sloped variant of the acrylic bin makes it easier to pick small game pieces.  

Acrylic Bin Colour Bundles

Thanks to these Bundles, each player can have an acrylic bin matching their game components!

Acrylic Card Dispenser

Thanks to these acrylic accessories you can have your decks of cards organised neatly in one place and easily accessible!

Metal External Rail Accessories

An entirely new set of Metal Accessories, compatible exclusively with the Megan Table's aluminium accessory rail!

Wooden External Rail Accessories

Keep game components and beverages at hand and easily accessible thanks to the wooden accessories for Megan's External Accessory Rail!

PRO Gaming Tiles

Originally introduced for the Archie Table, those can be used along the Modular Counter Station or stand-alone as they are perfect game component organisers with plenty of applications!

Dice Towers

If you want your dice rolls to be fair and square with no one fiddling with the results, use one of the dice towers we offer!

Other Wooden Accessories

Other Acrylic Accessories

Chair Model CH-102 - Wooden Seat

Megan Bench

Additional Furniture


Returning Backers Section

This section is intended for existing Megan Table Owners who would wish to buy some size-specific add-ons for their Tables.