If you are a resident of the United States and want your table to be shipped to one of the states mentioned below please add this item to your order as a shipping charge. 

If you don't add a correct shipping charge to your order you'll be charged the £800 shipping fee instead. 

Leaf Storage Solutions

Alternative Table Setup

Additional PRO Fabric Inset

Neoprene Game Mat - Vault Size

Neoprene Game Mat - Tabletop Size

Acrylic Layer & 1-inch Grid Mat

Wooden External Rail Accessories

PRO Gaming Tiles

Dice Towers

Other Wooden Accessories

Regular Acrylic Bin

Acrylic Card Dispenser

Other Acrylic Accessories

Hobby Desk

Chair Model CH-102 - Wooden Seat

Chair Model CH-102 - Cushioned Seat

Chair Model CH-177

Gwen Bench


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