Additional Table Features

Addons from this section expand the possibilities of your Bristol Table like no other!

Leaf Storage Solutions

Store your Tabletop leaves safely when not in use thanks to one of the following solutions.

Wooden Plugs

Those wooden plugs will come in handy when you'll need more armrest space rather than Cup holders.

Brass Metal Cups

Those Brass coloured Metal Cups will bring warmth to your Bristol Table, especially if you have one of the darker wood finish options.

Wooden Accessories

Those universal wooden accessories will complement any board game that will hit your table!

Acrylic Accessories

These inconspicuous accessories are more useful than they seem at first glance. You'll be glad to have them at your Table!

Additional PRO Modular Fabric Inset

Each Bristol Table comes with a PRO Modular Fabric Inset as a standard.

These options are intended for those who'd like to have a spare Inset or Insets in two different colours. 

1-inch Grid Mat

This 1-inch grid, perfect for RPG sessions, is printed on very thin but durable material.

It can be used separately or in tandem with the additional acrylic layer for even more utility!

Acrylic Layer

These Acrylic layers are perfect for RPG and for storing jigsaw puzzles underneath them.

Rubber Game Mat for the Vault

Game mats in this section are designed to be used inside the internal playing area of your Bristol Table - The Vault.

Rubber Game Mat for the Tabletop

Game Mats in this section are designed to be used on top of the tabletop Leaves of your Bristol Table.

Chairs Model CH-102 with Wooden Seat

Chairs Model CH-102 with Cushioned Seat

Chairs Model CH-106

Bristol Benches with Wooden Frame

Game Storage Unit

There is never enough space for Board Games, and they keep on coming! 
With Game Storage Units matching your table you have a stylish way to store them!
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