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Project overview

Mystery Dice is an exciting experience designed to invent 50 new premium resin Dice Sets, and a lot of "Weird Stuff" for your TTRPG games. Every set is brand new, every set is unique, and no duplicates are guaranteed. You find out what you get when you open the box! Starting at only $9 per set!

Mystery Items

Dice & Weirder Stuff!

d2 Coins

All your d2 options, in resin and metal.

Dice Keeps

The ultimate storage and display solution for all your dice!
Buy 1, 6, 12, or 50!
Discounts apply with bulk.

Give a Gift

Give a gift to another backer or low-income family by adding items for other people! NOTE: All items added to your pledge from this section will be given as a gift to a random other backer or to a toy-drive charity.