Project overview

Empire Plateau is a BRAND NEW experience for all board game lovers and even more so for the strategically minded and can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players at a time. A game for family, friends and lovers of lateral thinking that requires No Dice, No Cards and No Luck! Plan your strategy for Defence and Attack, manoeuvre around the game board, win skirmishes, use skills and tactics for area control and eventually claim Victory by conquering your opponents Empires base to win the game.
The game's board features 11 x 24 Longitude and Latitude lines to allow for a multitude of movements to defend and attack Empire bases. No two battles are ever the same (image of 2-Player set up)!
Choose from the Babylonian (Gold), Media-Persian (Silver), Greek (Bronze) or Roman (Iron - Black) Empire.
Fulfilment, Spring 2022 (image of 4-Player set up).

Empire Plateau