The project is currently open for backers with credits. You can't add anything to your pledge because you don't have any.

Project overview

Kickstarter Backers

If you backed Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game during the Kickstarter campaign, you are entitled to a Free Ludwig on Throne set for every core box you pledged during the KS campaign. The Free Ludwig on Throne set will be directly added to your order after the closure of the PM. You will NOT be able to see the free minis in your cart during the Pledge Manager. 
If you have backed the Kickstarter campaign, the Pledge Manager is where you will finalize your pledge, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping. 

In your cart you will find credits, equal to the amount that you paid during the Kickstarter campaign. You now need to follow the next steps: 

  1. Choose the pledge that you want. It can be the same as the one you have chosen during the campaign or a different one. Don’t forget to choose your preferred language.
  2. (Optional) Select any number of add-ons and additional pledges. 
  3. In the Check-out page, complete all your shipping details. Please also add your phone numbers, as we cannot ship items to you if we don’t have it. Here you will be informed of the shipping cost of your items as well. 
  4. If the total cost of items in your cart exceeds the amount you pledged on Kickstarter (the credits that you see imported here), then you can pay the difference here when you check out.

Late Pledgers
Welcome to Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game Late Pledge! Thank you for considering to join the seventh world in the land of Orbis and offer your support to this project!
Why should you support this project?

  • With all the Stretch Goals that have been unlocked during the KS campaign, you are taking at least $50 to $100 worth of products! 
All pledge levels and add-ons are at the same price as the Kickstarter campaign


Kickstarter Add Ons