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Project overview

Dungeons of Doria is a cooperative dungeon crawler for 1-6 players.  The players work together to guide their 1 to 6 adventurer characters exploring dungeons that are always different, drawing random monsters and finding tons of loot, like weapons, spells, potions... or traps. Best played with a group of heroes to counter any opponents or traps, but can also be played true solo with only one very brave adventurer.
Dungeons of Doria can be either played in Single Scenario Mode (Zero-to-Hero) by simply picking one of the special individual scenarios or in Campaign Mode, playing one of the included campaign stories of 8 consecutive scenarios.
Dungeons of Doria is ready to be printed and has already been played on many local RPG and Board Game conventions as well as extensively been played by multiple test groups - both offline and using Tabletop Simulator.

For more information, visit the matching Kickstarter Campaign or the Dungeons of Doria website.

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