Project overview

For four long days in 2020, a serial killer terrorised a sleepy provincial town in England, and appeared to always be one step ahead of the Police. In order to fully close this case, the Police have now released three items, containing over 90 puzzles and mysteries, and are calling on you to help solve them...

You can play Full Deck several ways:
  • Playing BOOKSHELF, which includes all three books
  • Playing the CRIME BOARD, which is a self-contained puzzle

Three distinct books make up the Full Deck set.
This  is a collection of three books, each set inside a crime narrative, where you have to piece together the clues and solve the 90 puzzles contained within.
The books consist of:  

Masterpiece - Released by the Police, this is a facsimile copy of the serial killer's diary. Read through the diary and see if you can uncover their motivation, plans and other nefarious ideas. The diary is written in broken prose, so you will need to have your most cryptic, riddling minds active to solve the challenges contained within.  
54 images of crucial evidence to solve the case.
Ephemera - 54 specific items of interest to the Police, from ticket stubs to menu orders and receipts. This is a self-contained puzzle book, as each item also gives clues to a specific playing card value and suit. The items contribute heavily to the storyline, and will give valuable clues to solving the other puzzles.

The Ephemera book also has answer grids. The Full Deck series uses a brand new answer validation system (BinCheck), so you will not need access to a computer to see if you are correct.
If you'd like to have have the actual pieces of evidence, take a look at our Crime Board

The Sleep Journal - A facsimile of the journal kept by the investigating Police Officer during the event. The pages have been written in detail, but you will need your powers of deduction (as well as some cross-referencing) in order to work out the information which has been redacted by the Police, for fear of reprisals or lawsuits. This book will be fully printed in colour.   

Want to play the standalone game, with 54 pieces of facsimile evidence? Dust off your cork board, get your pins ready, and take a look at our Crime Board!

 Crime Board 

Ephemera: Crime Board. This is a physical collection of all the items of evidence, complete in a protective plastic case.
Now is your chance to recreate your own crime board, by using these tickets, leaflets, photographs and receipts to build either a timeline of the events, or connect them together as a standalone puzzle.
Crime Board has a game built into it - each of the 54 items has a playing card suit and value hidden within it, so can be played either on it's own (find all the playing cards), or as part of the Full Deck game (for example, seeking out a name that visited a specific location from one of the pieces of evidence).

Please note that the items in Crime Board are the same as those in the Ephemera book, but we believe these add an exciting element to the game, and are perfect for a group of detectives to work through together! Below are some ways backers could play Crime Board:
  • Those with books might find the places items are mentioned at or hinted towards, and put them in those sections of the book.
  • Blu-tack a deck of cards on the wall, and see if you can place the right item on the right playing card (good for sifting evidence).
  • "Borrow" a rolling whiteboard from work and create a visual timeline.
  • Clear the table, and have friends over to sift and sort the clues, uncovering all the puzzles (remember, this is a standalone game, AND can be used with the books).

Full Deck