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Project overview

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Eldfall Chronicles is a fantasy and (MMO)RPG-inspired tabletop skirmish game with unique and collectible miniatures that immerses the players in a world where battle is commonplace. 
You will face both conflict and ancient terror, against which you must depend on your own skill and cunning to prevail. Alternatively, you can join forces with trusted allies and face the battles together!
Players can enjoy two styles of play, either pitting their skill and tactics against each other or teaming up against the game itself.
Immerse yourself into the engaging world of Calad. Forge your own fate, create your own story or simply learn more about the setting through various media. 

The game sees a player controlling a small party consisting of between 3-5 handpicked combatants as they battle against an opponent’s party in an attempt to complete a specific quest, be that slaying opposing models or capturing treasure and territory as just some examples. Players play the game on 3-dimensional scenery and terrain where their parties of combatants and adventurers battle and carry out their missions.
Styles of Play
There are several ways to play Eldfall Chronicles, a competitive mode that supports the traditional 1v1 and team games in addition to a mode that sees the player going against the hostile creatures, controlled by the game, or even cooperatively joining forces with other players against them.
Competitive Play
- Play against other players and try to thwart their advances, foresee their ploy and become the better leader!
- Fulfil objectives of a certain quest and gain Victory Points – these determine the winner.
Playing Against the Game
- Play against the game either by yourself or with other players facing the hostiles (hostile creatures) controlled by the game.
- The players can decide if they want to ally or compete.
- If the players decide to ally, they are urged to uphold the alliance. But beware, alliances may be broken, yet with a cost!
- Alternatively, the hostiles can be played by another player instead of by the game.

The Quests

The quests set the players in the world of Calad. There are many to choose from. Each one presents the players with unique challenges, themes and goals. Some are made to test the players’ bravery, while others their wit and tactics. Some quests follow a quest line, forming consecutive quests that string the players along on an adventure of discovery and mystery.
Access all the free resources here:
The Factions & the Models
There are 4 dominant factions in the world of Calad.
Each faction has distinct playstyles and aesthetics which will influence your strategies and tactics as you play the game. Form your parties from the spellcasting focussed Sand Kingdoms, the more militaristic Empire of Soga, the guerrilla focussed, cunning Coalition of Thenion, the versatile Helian League. 
Each model has its own strengths and weaknesses, with unique abilities, tools, and classes that affect how they are played and how they synergize with other models.
In addition, the game includes a range of neutral models and creatures. These creatures can be summoned to battle and controlled or will roam across the battlefield, their actions and movement determined by the game (or another player). 
The game will get more content and features in the future. We also intend to expand the factions enough to allow customization and larger parties. 
The Mechanics of the Game

The game is played on any 3-dimensional terrain/scenery.
The game itself has an immersive activation-reaction and turn mechanic. Players use a combination of a D20 roll and a model’s own stats to determine whether their actions are successful. Models only have a limited number of activation points per turn. You will have to carefully consider how to best make use of this limited resource. Players of some models also gather points to channel Mana, a second resource allowing Summoners and Mages to summon and bind arcane creatures to their will or manifest powerful spells! Each faction has so called "Leader" models, which represent the players on the field. They have access to Stratagems, which provide a powerful buff or debuff normally to all allied models during your turn. There are cards like the Upgrade and Scheme cards that add even more variety to your party creation and quests.

Resources and rulebook:
Join us on our Discord server where we play with our BETA testers, and on Twitch, where we host live streams and show you how to play the game! You will find the rulebook along with all the currently available resources over on Discord. Join us for a game there even before it is physically available or chat directly with us and the community! We often play via Discord and through Tabletop Simulator.

Gameplay Videos:

The principal motto was to make miniatures that are fit for every painter- even the most demanding. This is because we are hobby painters and artists and enjoy painting them ourselves! We ensured the quality with vigorous testing and adjustments. The many details are wonderfully defined and elevated, making the painting extremely fun.
In order for our miniatures to be of the highest quality, it was important to choose the correct material. We decided to go with top-quality resin. It is a new type of resin, that can endure more stress and isn't as brittle as other resins while still holding the most details. The miniatures will come unassembled. But worry not, we are making sure they are easy to put together!
See Miniatures Gallery on our webpage here.
Most miniatures are about 35mm in size (without the base), standing on a 32mm base. The scale is comparable to most similar games; they fit into the "character" scale most companies refer to as 28mm. The Creatures are of varying sizes: the largest model, Colossus V2 is cca 140 mm.
Learn more about the game, its setting, development, the creators, and details about the miniatures head over to:
For all serious inquiries, please email us:!
This gamefound and its comment section are considered closed, so if you wish to get updated from our side more frequently, head over to our Facebook page and our Discord server Also, please consider subscribing to the newsletter as it is the best way to keep track of important updates and get extra perks.

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