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Project overview

After 4 successful Legendary Metal Coin campaigns, we are back for the 5th time to offer you our new metal coin ideas in the best value.
We are excited with all the new coin sets that we are now presenting you,  all new 4 Standard Sets are ideas that we have been toying for a while, the Train Unit and the Space Unit sets are suggestions from you after the success of the previous Unit lines and the Elements Coin Sets are a beautiful way to enhance your TCGs.  

As always we are offering the coins in three different ways:
Standard Sets of 24 +3 coins each(11 copper, 9 silver, 7 gold), Collector Sets of one of each coin that we have made and completely Custom Sets.
Read more about how to use the pledge manager in our guide here.

Collector Sets

Bundles containing all coins for all you collectors out there!

Choice between all of our new coins With Season 4 Collector Set or our complete range of coins with the Complete Collector Set!

Elements Coin Sets

Our new range of enamel coins!
Now you can harness the elements at your will!

RPG Spell Tokens

Our best seller enamel coins for tracking spells in your favourite RPGs!

RPG Spell Tokens Singles

Here you can add any RPG Spell Token to your custom coin set, without any limitations!

Legendary Coin Sets

Our vast range of coin sets!
Beginning with our newest sets from Season 5 all the way to Season 1, here you will find our complete range:newest, classics and best sellers!

Legendary Single Coins

Our complete range of Single coins!

Whether you want to create your completely unique custom set, or simpy add some more coins to your favourite coin set, here is where you can do that!

Starting with Season 5 and all the way to Season 1, here you will find all copper, silver and gold coins available!

Metal Bars

A choice between our popular "50" gold bar and "20" silver bar, which can be added to any unit set!

Legendary Dice Bags

After popular request, we have made our Legendary Dice Bags available in this pledge manager.

This is our previous succesful endeavor on Kickstarter, featuring art from acclaimed artists.

This is probably the coolest way to store your coins right now!


The trusty Drawlab Pouches have been serving collectors for years!
With a choice of five colours, these pouches have stood the test of time with their durability and silky smooth feel.