Project overview

Welcome to the pledge manager for Deck of Wonders!
Here you can edit and complete your Kickstarter pledge, as well as join our community if you missed the Kickstarter.
Kickstarter backers: you should have your reward tier pre-loaded, but will still need to manually add any add-ons you want. Thanks!

If you missed Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter, now is your chance to get in on the game! See our Kickstarter campaign page here for details on Deck of Wonders. Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter community, the following are now all included in the base game at no additional cost:
  • The Deck of Wonders Digital Artbook - Normally $20, now FREE to KS backers and late pledgers through Gamefound
  • Deck of Wonders PNP Files - $10 on their own, now FREE to KS backers and late pledgers of a physical copy
  • 3 Endgame Challenge Decklists - Oops, All Trolls; Pixie Uprising; and Drawn Together
  • 2 New Game Components - Travel Tuckbox and Turn Tracker Card
  • 3 Component Upgrades - UV Spot Printing, Linen Card Finish, and Printed Inner Box Lid
  • Extra Flavor Text for Every Card
You'll notice that Kickstarter and Gamefound are the ONLY places to get the Deck of Wonders Digital Artbook, PNP files, and Story Audio through Forteller for free, so pledging now nets you nearly $35 in extra value!

Not only can you join the community, but your late pledges will count towards unlocking the few stretch goals that remained out of reach during the Kickstarter campaign! We'll keep this section updated regularly with our proximity to the goals.

$60,000 Total Raised (UNLOCKED!!!) - New Villain: Training Dummy
Add a fourth “Villain” to the game: your trusty training dummy! This Villain’s special rules give you complete control of the Deck of Wonders, allowing you to experiment with any crazy build or combo you can dream up!

$65,000 Total Raised (UNLOCKED!!!) - Extra Story Content
Double the amount of story content in the game, allowing us to more deeply explore the world and its characters. This also expands the audio content offered through Forteller!

+$1,000 Total Raised ($700 to next!!!) - Concept Art Reveal
For every additional $1,000 we raise, we'll reveal an extra piece of concept art for the game! Check our updates section on Kickstarter to see what's been revealed so far.

We're actively exploring several other exciting goals, and will update this section accordingly as they become relevant.