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Project overview

The late pledge of Map Maker Adventures will be closed soon, seize the last chance now!

If you are new to Map Maker Adventures (MMA), take a look at some gaming sheets to get the most direct feeling about it.

In short, if you are often playing RPG or adventure games without GM or have keen on drawing dungeon maps, then this game is perfect for you!
The game flow of MMA is simple and easy to learn. You and your friends can enjoy the game very quickly. 

Check on some game features.
D20 System.
No Game Master needed. Play solitary or with up to 6 players cooperatively against the game system itself. 
9 Core Character Classes can be selected to play. 
Combine all 45 Specializations to create your own Character Class with more than 14 thousand possibilities
Multiple Development Paths for your Characters by learning from 45 Class's Skills and 13 Common Skills
Practice-Makes-Perfect (PMP) Leveling Mechanic fully embodies the theory that the more you use it, the stronger you grow. 
Reputation determines the number of services provided in towns and how the townsfolk or NPCs treat you, which can affect the quests available to you and where they lead you.
Achievements and Reward Mechanism gives the Characters more aid to help them to cope with all kinds of challenges. 
Multiple Health Indicators - Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, and Sanity are used to represent the Character’s health instead of a single Hit Point counter. 
Attack Effectiveness, Magic Resistance, and Multi Defense System turn standard brawling into sophisticated, tactical combat. 
Random Dungeon Generating System makes every game different.
Intelligent Difficulty System automatically adjusts the game difficulty according to the number of Characters, the dungeon depth, and the game difficulty you selected. 
Over 20 types and more than 400 pieces of Basic Items, combined with hundreds of Magic Prefixes and Suffixes generate countless enchanted items - Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Unique. 
Map Drawing using the Mapping Table can add another level of fun to your dungeon exploration. 
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine gives different behavior patterns to each monster. 
Epic Boss Fighting. Inside each dungeon lurks a specific Boss who has unique abilities, skills, minions, and individual combat behavior. 
Key Word System offers Characters a variety of alternative solutions when resolving encounters. 
Global Quest Tracking System is used to track your progress during a long quest, recording your choices that change the game in many different ways.

For more information, please visit the KS page.

Check out the video below to take a look at the sample core rule book.

Please note that the game is still developing and what you are seeing is not the final result.

Shipping Estimates:
The shipping will start from May 2021. (It's delayed to December.)
The products will be shipped to each storage hub first, and then delivered to your address.



Note that all add-on products are from stretch goals. They will be added to any of your physical pledges automatically, no matter you back softcover or hardcover. Do not add any of these items to your purchase unless you want additional pieces.
Besides, I also unlocked two extra stretch goal items that had not been unlocked during KS to show my great gratitude, Play Mat (laminated) and Play Mat Pad. So that you can start to play the game with all the needed components as soon as you receive it.
If you back Crazy tier that buying both Softcover and Hardcover book set, you will get two sets of items from Strech goals.