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Project overview

It’s time for the muscled, sweaty and persistently neurotic stars of the Glorious Wrestling Alliance to elbow drop onto your tabletop with Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultrabrawl, a fast-and-frantic card game that pits larger-than life-competitors against each other in choreographed, in-ring combat (a.k.a: wrestling!)

Designed by Josh Hicks and Tinkerbot Games' Bevan Clatworthy, Ultrabrawl gives you the chance to play as one of six of the GWA’s best and brightest as you bring the honour, passion and pageantry of the squared circle to life. 

Link together flowing combos to wear down your opponent, win over the crowd to build up momentum and turn the tide with carefully timed blocks and reversals. Think you’ve got them on the ropes? Execute unique finishing manoeuvres and close out the match with a pin or submission – then bask in the rapturous applause and watch the roof explode off the stadium/arena/modestly sized gymnasium.

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