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Project overview

CoraQuest is a fun and accessible cooperative dungeon-crawling board game aimed at families.  Both kids and adults have told us that they love its simple gameplay, its entertaining quests, and the encouragement it gives children to be creative and make their own heroes, enemies, and quests.

CoraQuest began life as a fun project that Dan and his 8-year-old daughter Cora started, to help fight off the boredom of lockdown. The project gained unexpected momentum and evolved to become a successful Kickstarter that we delivered to backers just ten months after funding.

Just like with the base game, the artwork in CoraQuest: Keep on Questing will be based on original kids’ drawings submitted by the community.  So if you think your child would like to see their pictures professionally adapted by our chief colourer in Gary King and then published in a board game. Join the CoraQuest Facebook Group to find out more.

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