The project is currently open for backers with credits. You can't add anything to your pledge because you don't have any.

Project overview

This is the pledge manager for the Kickstarter campaign of Project L Reprint + New Expansion. In this pledge manager, you can pay for the delivery of your reward and provide your shipping address.

If you haven't managed to complete your pledge within the given deadline, which means paying for the delivery of your reward, please write to us at, and we will resolve it together.

If you need to change your shipping address, click the three-dot icon next to the order and click "manage shipping":
This will open the pledge details. Scroll down until you see shipping details. Make the changes you want and scroll down, and click "Continue" to confirm. Then, you'll see the summary of your order with new shipping details. Click "Submit your pledge" to save changes.

For information on the game, pledges, add-ons, shipping, etc., visit the Project L Kickstarter page here.

Pledge manager timeline:
  • April – Pledge manager opens, all items available unlimited.
  • May to June – Pledge manager remains open. Items quantities are limited.
  • June 30th – Pledge manager closes. You will still be able to change your shipping address.
  • September – Addresses will be locked.