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Project overview

CASTLE SYSTEM is a ready-to-play modular terrain, suitable for all 28-32 mm fantasy and historical tabletop games.  No more clips! Thanks to the force of magnets you can now effortlessly build strongholds, towers and dungeons that will look stunning on your table, whatever RPG or wargame you love!

In this Pledge Manager you can upgrade your reward, decor and stretch goals to "hand painted", add another pre-configured set or single models, and choose special bundles. Please note:
  • some hand painted add-ons might add a delay in the reward delivery, as already stated during the KS campaign; that means you'll be part of the "2nd wave" of deliveries, as you can see it in the "shipping method" part of your order. Follow our updates on the Kickstarter page to know when the 1st wave and the 2nd wave of rewards are being shipped!
  • the final colour of all unpainted models will be black - the pictures in grey are there to show you the details.
  • if you have any questions and our FAQs are not helping feel free to drop us an email at INFO@BOAR-GAMES.COM

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Here you have the option to upgrade from unpainted to hand Painted the Pre-configured Sets, and/or the Decor, Scatter, and Stretch Goals included in your reward.
Please note that delivery date might change as stated on Kickstarter campaign's page.


Here you'll find the Kickstarter campaign's original rewards. Hand painted sets are no longer available, but you may still add an unpainted set if you wish to, and proceed to upgrade it to hand painted (see UPGRADES TO HAND PAINTED section). Please refer directly to the Kickstarter campaign main page for details about the single sets.


The Conversion Kits allow you to obtain the listed alternative configurations.


Forming the backbone of Castle System, these 4x4” modules sport a 10x10cm ( 4x4” ) frame and up to 4 magnetized columns. The floor tiles are double-sided and can be replaced.Thanks to the magnets, these modules will snap with one another both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, depending on the number of columns, they can support  up to 4 walls, or several elements of decor.


Ramparts are used to build the boundary walls of the castle. They are magnetized and will snap together horizontally with other Ramparts, the Gatehouse or (using M31 walls) M04 Basic Modules. Ramparts are BIG (as high as 2 basic modules plus 1 battlement module) and support  Overhangs and external magnetic decor.


Battlements are crenellated covers meant to rest on top of basic modules. They have the same texture as the Ramparts and the Gatehouse, to whom they can be flanked. Some battlements sport a trap door. Round battlements require round walls. All battlements are compatible with Overhangs.


Roofs are a cover for basic modules M04 and M03. By flanking multiple models you can build different combination of roofs.


Cliffside modules allow you to create the rocky base of a castle, using straight and corner modules, all compatible with each other horizontally. Vertically they are compatible with basic modules. Cliffside modules are customizable with internal decor and even most of walls as long as they  are’nt external only. In case of combinations of cliffside modules equal or higher to 3X3, you’ll need one or more M01 basic modules to fill the central space(s).


Walls models allow you to freely customize both the basic modules and the cliffside modules ( in this case, non external walls only). Each wall requires 2 pillars with free slots.
Large walls (L01-L08) might prevent you to use two large walls next to each other. Some walls, like round walls (L70 - L77), can be used only as external walls. Some walls (L13-L16) require a M03 module.


Overhanging parts can be used on Ramparts, Gatehouse and Battlements, hooking on the crenellations.


To customize the exterior of the models, these add-ons sticks magnetically to the magnets embedded on the external side of basic modules, rampart modules , gatehouse , and roofs. Unless specified otherwise, they occupy one single magnetic slot.


To customize the interiors, these add-ons gets hooked on pillar and wall slots that you’ll find on the internal side of basic modules and cliffside modules . Unless specified otherwise, they occupy one single hooking slot. Models I15-I18 are special components.


Scatter terrain and scenery you can move around to freely customize any model. Non magnetic.