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Project overview

Preorder of new Awaken Realms Lite games - "Bees: the secret kingdom" and "Flick of Faith"

Order the games with Essen pickup or choose the games to be shipped to you, limited quantities!

You can get also resin collectible models for Etherfields and Tainted Grail, as well as one(s) of the post-production copies of Lords of Hellas expansions (only in English language option!)

You can order also the Lords of Hellas playmat (that contain the board sections from Core box, Lost City and City of Steel composed into one map) - though keep in mind this item will be shipped post-Essen, so if you'll choose it along your Essen pickup order, you'll still receive the shipment costs for playmat (and receive it later, shipped)

Awaken Realms Lite games

Lords of Hellas expansions and playmat board

Collectible resin models