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Project overview

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Hybris - Disordered Cosmos is a modular worker placement game. It has a lore that mixes Greek mythology with steampunk.

The Olympians have vanquished the Primordial God Chronos, taking control over his kingdoms and the mortal world. The discovery of a new energy - the Aegis - dripping from his wounds paves the way to new powers and Technologies.
As they build their newfound godhood, they conspire to know who is going to be the new ruler. The young gods need to be cautious - lurking in the shadows the other Primordial Gods lie in wait, gritting their wrath upon those foolish Olympians.
Hybris is a deep yet accessible game which can be appreciated by both beginners and experts, with its asymmetry and simple mechanics that evolve into a rich gameplay. Easy to learn, satisfying to master! A real Eurotrash for Eurogamers and Ameritrash fans!
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  • This is your chance to purchase Hybris with the Divine Betrayal expansion, including a new playable God (Hermes) and the solo & coop mode!
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