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Playful Pets: Cats & Dogs is currently operating rolling pre orders, any orders placed from November 2021 onwards will be fulfilled the following month.

Playful Pets encompasses a range of pet themed board games made by Atikin Games. This Kickstarter was for the first 3 games which are all cat and dog themed and come together in one box: Feline Felonies, Canine Capers and Animal Alliance. The first two are also available as stand-alone mint tin games for those who like travel games and/or for cat and dog lovers alike to take their pick.
In Feline Felonies you take charge of a neighbourhood cat whose goal is to be the greatest thief around. You’ll steal toys and other items cats believe to be toys from around the board as well as from other cats. Get the most highly valued toys home to win and be crowned most felonious of the felines.
You will steal from other cats, flaunt your spoils in front of cats to increase their value, and move quickly past dogs. Use Special Actions to flip toys to their more valuable side, move toys on the board and even take a cat nap to save points for later use.
2-4 players, 30-45 minutes & Competitive

In Canine Capers you play as a determined dog who is investigating their neighbourhood, sniffing out clues and to solve the imagined capers going on in their little country village. Work together to reach clues in time and secure them at Canine P.D. to earn points and solve the caper of the day.
You can give and take clues between dogs, and utilise the sly foxes on the board to help you retrieve more valuable clues that have been pilfered by sneaky cats. Use your Special Actions to jump to home, move clues on the board, enhance your clues, move diagonally and even send clues back to the resource pool in order to extend your playing time.
1-4 players, 30-45 minutes & Cooperative

In Animal Alliance the felines are doing their felonious best to steal those toys and the canines are returning toys to the lost and found. The twist is each player takes control of a cat and dog team who live in the same house, they have different goals but a combined score.
Each turn you will roll two dice and assign them to your cat and dog team, this way you can make the most of the best dog and cat skills for that round. You can increase toy values by displaying them on plinths, move quickly past picnics that you’ll be shooed away from, and give and take toys between your team of two to help in securing it faster, before another team can steal it away.
2-4 players, 40-60 minutes & Competitive

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