Welcome to 2024!

stretch pay
I wanted to take this opportunity and write this Gamefound update myself, as the numbers look so good I figured I can take all the credit! :D 

On a serious note - Gamefound has had a GREAT year and this is thanks to our amazing hard working team, but also - all of you! Creators, who decided to join a revolution and backers supporting those creative tabletop efforts. 

Let's quickly do some highlights! 
  • Nemesis Retaliation was the BIGGEST campaign of 2023 (and 2022)
  • 5 out of the top 10 Funded Board Games were on Gamefound 
  • We reached 1 000 000 users! 
  • We grew over 100% y/y (56 mln usd in total crowdfunding) 
  • 27 feature deploys, each with a lot of new functionality coming to Gamefound 
  • 167 new creators on the platform

Those are some “sexy” numbers, but they don’t tell the full story. I believe that Gamefound was able to bring a lot of value to both creators and backers and that added value always makes me most happy. Our team works really hard, and it is all worth it, seeing a creator making their dream project come true, or backers appreciating our newest feature. 

Before we will go to our fancy graphic summary showing more numbers, here are some of the most important features we have added! 

  • Figuring out tax - we are the only crowdfunding platform compliant with VAT laws and worked on making the whole tax thing easier for backers and creators to see and manage. 
  • Stretch Pay - instalment payments perfect for crowdfunding (and free! :O) 
  • A LOT of new payment methods (PayPal!) including instant payments, first time done in crowdfunding! 
  • Language editions of the page AND full project content! 
  • Full rework of the Pledge Manager 
  • New analytics section and dashboard 
  • A lot of Quality of life improvements (mostly for creators) 
  • Following users, notifications and other community features 

Quite a list! And we are not slowing down, just the opposite. You can be sure this year you will see even more stuff and we are so excited to get going! 

Thank you for being here and joining this epic adventure! We really do appreciate your trust and support and work hard to reward it with a great platform. While it sounds cheesy, I really feel we are building something special, bit by bit, update after update! 

So! Let’s hope for a lot of amazing projects in 2024! 

And time for a fancy graphic summary! ;)

Marcin Świerkot, CEO of Gamefound