Gamefound Feast: coming to 2024 with the HOTTEST titles

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Enjoy the stream where Alex Radcliffe revealed the upcoming titles.

Masters of the Universe: The Board Game - Clash For Eternia
Masters of the Universe: The Board Game - Clash for Eternia invites you to embark on an amazing adventure in this competitive one vs many or fully cooperative game. Whether you decide to be the hero or warrior of evil, you must work on your abilities to fight for Eternia. Follow this project to secure the fate of the universe! 

Starforged: Hand-painted Sci-Fi Terrain by Dwarven Forge
Hop on board and see what lurks in the depths of space. Dwarven Forge is bringing you its most versatile collection of terrain to date! This brand-new collection of sci-fi gaming terrain will be full of 360° sculpt pieces and unpainted and hand-painted sets. Thanks to the tried-and-true modular systems, you’ll get the chance to construct countless different builds using the same set of parts. Follow Starforged now and receive a free challenge coin with your completed pledge. 

Last Light Second Edition & Alien Expansion Pack
Gather light before the heat death of the universe! This fast-paced 4x game features a rotating board and 3D planets making the mission of keeping your civilization alive a unique experience. In addition to retail upgrade kits for Last Light Deluxe Edition and new alien factions, this project will include an upgraded rulebook based on player feedback. And if you missed the add-ons in the first campaign, no need to worry. Follow Last Light now

I C E Unlimited
Soon, you’ll be able to discover the second edition of I C E: the innovative 3D tile-mining experience featuring 3 layers of superimposed tiles and a magnetic board! Join explorer guilds as they set out to examine a frozen archaeological site! Beautifully illustrated by Leonard Dupond — this game will literally let you dig through the board to collect powerful Artifacts. With a Seal of Excellence and an astounding 9/10 rating from Dice Tower, you won’t want to miss out, so follow this project now

Colosseum & Colosseum: Ave Titus
Exciting news! The iconic Colosseum by Wolfgang Kramer and Markus Lübke is being reimagined by Fantasia Games. Artists Mico and Ian O'Toole are collaborating on a brand-new stand-alone game that will help create the ultimate Colosseum experience. Don’t miss out and follow now

Come and celebrate Feudum's seventh anniversary and get ready for amazing limited-edition treasures! Feudum is a 2 to 5-player medieval resource management game in which you must make an attempt to score the most victory points over five epochs. Play the game with a bundle of cards, cubes, and playfully carved monsters from award-winning artist Justin Schultz. Follow this project

Fief England - Alliances, Treachery, and Power
Step into the royal shoes of a noble family member striving to attain Royal and Ecclesiastical titles. Determine who will become the next King or Queen of England in this multiplayer through intrigue, diplomacy, alliances, betrayals, and war. Follow this project now to increase your chances of becoming the ruler of England. 

Robot Quest Arena: Bot Battle
Robot Quest Arena is returning, featuring additional content! Get your hands on everything from the first campaign plus 4 brand-new Robots and an even bigger arena! This deckbuilding multiplayer battle game will also include awesome pre-painted miniatures. Upgrade your bots, blast your opponents, and follow this project now

2024 is going to be full of great games! All Winter Feast games are available here.
Which one are you looking forward to the most?