CMON and Gamefound Announce Exclusive Pact

CMON LTD and Gamefound are excited to announce an exclusive crowdfunding and pledge manager partnership. CMON, one of the founding innovators in the tabletop crowdfunding space, has amassed an unparalleled track record, earning over $100 million during 60 consecutive successful campaigns. Gamefound, the first platform to offer all-in-one crowdfunding solutions in the tabletop space, is devoted to providing backers and creators with the best crowdfunding, pledge manager and marketing experiences to bring their campaigns to life. 

After their successful Gamefound debut with Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia for worldwide distribution, CMON next launched the innovative skirmish game A Song of Ice & Fire: Tactics on the platform, earning 700k USD in the first few days of the campaign (join the campaign here). With this partnership, CMON’s exciting upcoming slate of crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns, including the already announced God Of War Board Game, will debut exclusively on the platform. 

Marcin Świerkot, CEO of Gamefound commented, “I am extremely happy to bring CMON campaigns to Gamefound. They were not only pioneers in board game crowdfunding and the biggest crowdfunding creator of all time, but most importantly are creating and delivering amazing games to customers all over the world. Gamefound’s features and continued growth over the past two years make this partnership a natural fit, and will help both of our companies reach new audiences, ensuring great games make their way to great people.”

David Preti, COO of CMON LTD added, “At CMON we always look to innovate and provide the best products and experiences for our customers. Gamefound has a number of excellent features that our fans have been asking for, and we feel their platform is a great fit for us as we move into the future.  We want the consumer experience to be as smooth as possible, and Gamefound gives us the tools we need so we can focus on creating great games.”

CMON, known for best-selling games such as Zombicide, Death May die, Arcadia Quest, and Massive Darkness, as well as many highly-rated IP adaptations, is finalizing their 2024 slate of games, comics and RPGs, and fans can expect news of their next Gamefound campaign in the very near future. Gamefound will continue on its mission to be the most technically advanced crowdfunding platform, offering both backers and creators the best tools to bring amazing projects to life.