AR NEXT 2024: Celebrating Awaken Realms' 10th anniversary and revealing new campaigns!

awaken realms
Watch the 10th-anniversary stream and teasers of all projects:

A special edition of one of the greatest board games is returning. Castles of Burgundy is coming back with improved usability, better components, and a redesign, bringing a refined experience thanks to Awaken Realms and Ravensburger. The strategic 1-4 player game puts you in control of a small princedom. This classic game is returning in a highly polished Special Edition featuring the Stefan Feld-designed Vineyards expansion!

Another Awaken Realms and Ravensburger collaboration is coming to Gamefound. An elevated special edition of the iconic Puerto Rico will put you in the shoes of an industrious builder, clever trader, stalwart captain, opportunistic prospector, and more. Don’t miss out on this 2 to 5-player genre-defining strategy game.

Hunting is all that matters. In Grimcoven, you’ll have to hunt down some of the biggest monsters you’ve ever seen. Use dice allocation strategically and build your character to win in this 1 to 4-player boss battler set in a dark Victorian universe. Will you let the monsters take over?

Allow your gaming experience to take on new dimensions with these dice, which work with 5e and other role-playing games. These exquisite miniatures, made to blend in seamlessly with your games, depict beloved classes, allies, and mystical terrains. Immerse yourself in a world where your epic tales come to life with every roll and miniature.

Lands of Evershade may be one of the most advanced adventure board games from Awaken Realms, with a whole universe to explore in interactive stories. This co-op/solo promises a journey through a world full of mysteries hidden in the shadows.