Our Next Big Release: Introducing Creator Stores to Gamefound

With the help of this new project type, online store creation and management will be much easier, giving backers and creators a more seamless and integrated experience. Stores will allow creators to show more of their games to their audience. We want to bring games that are already ready for shipment from warehouses to fans - and allow creators to sell them directly through Gamefound.

Each creator will be able to create a store on the platform. We’re starting off with something small and straightforward, but soon enough, we’ll be introducing new interesting features. Our platform is built with the gaming community in mind, and we're giving you access to an even wider range of tools with the launch of Store projects. 
With the most recent platform update, creators can start new projects under the "Store" category. You can create one store to sell items you have in your inventory that are ready for shipping. Of course, crowdfunding and other options will remain available at all times. We’re ensuring that handling store projects and transactions is as simple as possible.


Stock limits and shipping hubs
We consistently listen to creators' feedback, and many have mentioned the need to be able to set limits for products not only by their quantity or by excluding certain countries but also by shipping hub. If your games are scattered around the globe, waiting in various shipping hubs, we now have a solution: you can establish how many products are in each shipping hub you set. This makes managing stocks and avoiding the trouble of selling things you don’t have much easier for creators. For backers, it's a great chance to get exclusive, high-quality products that will be shipped to them quickly from the shipping hub close to them.

Do you want to know how stores work? Phalanx and Iconiq Studios stores have launched already, go check them out now!

As always, we're looking forward to hearing your comments, whether that’s via e-mail or on our Discord server

Alex Radcliffe
CMO of Gamefound