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using Gamefound as a pledge manager Hear what they have to say:

After a few campaigns, we were still looking for a Pledge Manager that would properly suit our needs. We have joined Gamefound while it was still young and its team, always available, have been very attentive to our feedback. Today, Gamefound is a no-brainer choice for us.

Theo Garnier
Lucky Duck Games
We joined Gamefound in its early stages and we couldn't be happier that we did! Not only is the price unbeatable (can't beat 0%!), but they've always been available to us. They've been quick to answer questions, and very responsive to feedback to make the service better. It's only gotten better as time has passed, and we look forward to being a part of Gamefound for the foreseeable future!

Matt Goldrick
Grey Fox Games
Unless you want to waste the time and resources to make your own pledge manager, Gamefound is a no-brainer. Gamefound is a developing, easy-to-use solution with great customer support which also happens to be free!

Artyom Nichipurov
I am really pleased to have found the Gamefound service, having been referred by another publisher who was really happy with the service. I also was amazed by how helpful the service is, and couldn't believe there were no fees. I'm definitely going to be using them again, and spreading the word!

Jamie Noble Frier
The Noble Artist
We have been using Gamefound for Valhalla and it worked well for us. Valhalla is our first Kickstarter project and we were pleased with the support and technical service we received. We plan to use Gamefound in the future as well.

Łukasz Woźniak
Go on Board
Gamefound has been the perfect pledge manager partner for us! Great customer service, intuitive UI, customizable and flexible features. And all at no cost! Really a no-brainer!

Publisher of Europa Universalis: The Price of Power
Aegir Games