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The home of board game crowdfunding

Our mission is to accelerate the making of amazing games. We're the bridge between backers and creators. Gamefound is a platform derived from the tabletop industry made for board game fans and makers. It's a place that allows creators to focus on what they do the best and helps backers get the projects they supported in the most convenient way.
We offer crowdfunding campaigns, pledge manager services (also for campaigns run on other platforms), and marketing support. Everything in one place, hassle-free.


The beginning

Gamefound creators, Awaken Realms, made their first crowdfunding campaign in 2015. And they (or maybe better: "we", as Gamefound is a part of the Awaken Realms group) learned in a hard way that if you need to have even minimum shipping options, you have to take care of it on your own. That's why we created a simplistic tool that worked as a very limited pledge manager. It didn't have a name yet but worked well enough to solve the problems of two external creators, too.
The beginning

The evolution

Soon, the platform became too slow and limited to fulfill the increasing demand of creators, so in 2016 our CTO stepped in with the Gamefound prototype. Since then, it's been evolving, and new features and improvements are added weekly. The growth of the platform accelerated in time. In March 2019 we celebrated the 100,000th backer on our platform. Exactly a year later, on the 5th of March 2020, the 100th creator launched a project.
The evolution


We've passed the mark of half a million backers, and we've already hosted projects from hundreds of creators. We feel we're ready for the next step in Gamefound's history: a robust, complete solution for both creators and backers, that can host the great board games campaign from the early draft to the very last late pledge! In February 2022 a recognized board game publisher, Ravensburger, joined us as a strategic investor.


Team Gamefound

with many more specialists at Gamefound and an army of people at Awaken Realms supporting us.

Join us!

Safety and security

Human touch

When you are a creator and trust our platform with your campaign, we make sure you are in good hands. Whenever you have a question that our help center doesn't answer, or you'd like to discuss or share something with us - we're here to help and react quickly. If you run a big project, you can be sure you'll have a dedicated account manager you can contact directly.
Human touch


We know how important it is to provide you with a platform you can trust and run your project on with peace of mind. As a creator, you want everything to work smoothly when your long-awaited campaign goes live. And it does, thanks to the proper technology behind Gamefound and a great team of specialists responsible for its efficiency and reliability. If you want to know more, you can read the summary of our first crowdfunding campaign here.


Gamefound is all about board games, and our users are tabletop fans. We are part of this community and that's why we understand what creators and backers need. Simply speaking, all we do, we do from our own experience.

Gamefound in numbers


They trusted us:
Gamefound is an EU-based limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Poland. We're a global crowdfunding platform accepting creators from tens of countries and pledges from nearly all over the world.

Gamefound operates in full compliance with EU laws & standards. We cooperate with Adyen as the payment provider for Gamefound, fully PCI DS 3.2 compliant, which is the key security standard within the industry, ensuring smooth and secure processing of the payments made within the platform.
To learn more about how the payments are processed on our platform, go here.

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If you want to join our team and work at Gamefound.
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Call us at +48 71 661 14 38. Call cost according to the operator's tariff or price list.